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Purple Heart Cruise Honors Heroes
Outbound Exchange Student Harlyn will be going to Taiwan.
Meghann Broadstock, pictured with her guests, husband Tanner and Mom Sue.
Foundation Chair Mark McGowan recognized Jay Suiter PHF+4 and Rick Roberts PHF+5.
Meghann Broadstock was honored as our newest Paul Harris Fellow and congratulated by Mark and her Dad, Past President John Dalby.
PP Marty Lay tapped out in honor of a trip he an Terri took to San Francisco.
President Elect Eddie Morgan won the drawing but could not name his fellow Rotarian who hit 3 home runs in a minor league game.
The answer was Dan Brown!
Mike Dominick presented a heartfelt program about the Purple Heart Cruise, a cause he supports.
Following our meeting, we gathered for a group photo to be sent to next year's incoming exchange student from Switzerland.
Our meeting was called to order at 12:21pm by President Matt Nilsen
Greeter, Pledge and Invocation/Thought for the day by: Marie Liscom
Visitors: Guests:  Dr. William Speer, Matt Casagrande, Harlyn (Outbound Exchange Student)  Angi (Exchange Student); Sue Dalby, Tanner Broadstock, Miranda Reyes
Sunshine report:
Marie was happy to report that no fellow Rotarians or family members are ailing.
Rachael and Shelley: Martinis By The Bay is happening June 7, 5-7pm; all vendors locked in, 4 more than last year.  the lineup of assorted Martinis sounds fabulous.  Hope to see you there. Help for set-up and clean-up is needed.  It will be a Cuban theme with Cuban Hors D’oeuvres from Uniquely Yours Catering and a cigar tent. Meghann announced the basket donations.  A top HSU Flamenco student musician will be performing the night of the event. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Contact Rachael or Shelly for more details.
Mark McGowan: Sponsorships are still available for the Steve Brodhag Memorial Golf Tournament on June 1st.  25% of the proceeds of the event will go to the Purple Heart Cruise.
The Race Across America Bicycle Marathon with Michael Davies-Hughes is less than 1 month away. 
Mike Newman announced Backpacks for Kids.  Help needed for first two weeks of June.
Haider said the Tour of the Unknown Coast is this weekend and thanked many Rotarians for helping with this event.
Our 2018-19 Youth Exchange Ambassador is coming from Switzerland. We will be taking a photo following the meeting to introduce the club!
Matt announced “Happy Mother’s Day” to all of the mothers in our group.  He also said thanks to Greg Dale for hosting the Rotary Picnic at his home in Fortuna last Sunday.
Mark McGowan, freshly be-spectacled in suit and tie, issued Paul Harris Award pins to Jay Sooter, Plus 4 (3 sapphires) and Rick Roberts, Plus 5 (single Ruby). They were honored for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation to build world understanding and peace.
Meghann Broadstock was also recognized for her first Paul Harris Fellow Award with a certificate and pin, that was proudly pinned on her by her father, John Dalby.
Next Wednesday night is the next Board meeting at SHN Engineering.  A great opportunity to turn those red badges into blue badges.
Matt auctioned off more wine bottles from Dean Charlton’s esteemed wine collection to Haider for $50 and Lorna for $45.
Matt will be going to Rotary District Conference next week with John and Ken.  A guest past president will preside in his place.
Marty Lay tapped out for a trip he and Terri took to San Francisco.
We will be dark on May 25th.
Raffle won by Eddie Morgan.  The ”How Well Do You Know Your Fellow Rotarian?” once hit 3 home runs in a minor league game.  One was left handed.  That member was Dan Brown. Eddie did not guess correctly.
Title Purple Heart Cruise   Speaker Mike Dominick 
“Purple Heart Cruise” or PHC was started by Mike’s college roommate and he felt compelled to help him.  He told the heart wrenching stories of many wounded warriors.  One was a veteran named Michael Gonzalez. who was involved in brutal ground combat and found himself standing on an IED, which he had to leap off of.  He lost his left leg and left eye among many other injuries.  Others had bullet head wounds resulting in suicidal tendencies and alcohol abuse issues.  One had 27 surgeries.  Many of these soldiers are going on the cruises or are counselors on the cruise or starting programs in their hometowns.  Mike and the group were very touched by the stories of these wounded warriors and are searching for 2 or more local Purple Heart Veterans to send on the 4th Annual Cruise in the Fall (October 28), and are seeking donations for this worthy cause.  (For more info, visit: