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State Senator Mike McGuire Meets With Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka
Past President Melinda Ciarabellini ran the meeting in Matt's absence.
State Senator Mike McGuire receives a warm welcome.
President-Elect Eddie Morgan announces the District Training Conference.
Kristin  Blair is looking for baskets to raffle at Martinis.
Larry was fined for his birthday but is now eligible for Medicare!
Melinda fined Mark McGowan and Michael Davies-Hughes following their newspaper coverage.
Jim Anderson won the drawing but could not identify our tatted member.
It turned out to be PP Rick Roberts, shown here displaying his University of Oregon Ducks tattoo!
Kristin Blair introduces Mike McGuire.
Melinda presents Senator McGuire with a mug after an excellent presentation.
Melinda chaired because Matt “is off in the wind” (or in Nampa, ID visiting his grand baby).
Mike Newman did pledge and invocation, then introduced guests
  • Rotarians - Ken Musante of Eureka Rotary (thanked us for supporting Special Olympics event last night).
  • Kevin Heckman
  • Monica Rose, Executive Director from Boys and Girls Club
  • Angelica and Sarah - youth exchange
  • Matt Casagrande - Mike Dominic’s employee at CBS
  • Senator Mike McGuire (guest speaker and guest Rotarian from Healdsburg Inn) and his assistant Rob Christiansen
Sunshine report:
It’s all good news, at least if you like the Giants. If you like the Dodgers, it’s hurricane season and there was an earthquake this week.
  • Haider - Tour of the Unknown Coast needs sag wagon volunteers.  Sign ups on table.
  • Bill Gillespie - hands on projects :
    • Bird viewing platform for trail. 
    • Painting the inside entryway of the Municipal Auditorium (get rid of the pasty purple color).  Need feedback on whether to do this one.  Interested?
    • Help our fellow Rotarians – Does anyone need help at home? Talk to Bill. Maybe some summer projects.
  • Bill Gillespie – The Salvation Army is having to cut back on budget by about $100k to break even.  No longer going to be made whole by the whole organization.  Would our club be willing to help with food pantry donations monthly?  Try it next week.  Watch for email reminder.
  • Eddie Morgan - district training will happen in Fortuna - April 21st, 8:30 to 1:30.  Would be great, especially for newer BOD members.  District is coming to us.
  • Mike Newman - again. Helping with Backpacks for Kids.  Sign ups on the table.
  • Greg Dale- May 6th from noon to 3 pm - Picnic at the Dales House.  Cindy Denbo and Rick Roberts will make Sazarac’s and Mint Juleps (in honor of the Kentucky derby).  Kids and families welcome.  Cannabis tourism and samples next door.  That might be a joke.  Hard to say.
  • Shelley Nilsen - Martinis By the Bay - tickets on sale at the meeting April 13th
  • Shelley Nilsen - CR scholarship reception is Thursday, April 5th from 4-6pm.  Need people to go and meet our recipients and get their contact info so we can invite them to a club meeting.  While at club meeting, we will announce that we are giving scholarships in honor of a specific member or members, to be defined.
Fine-able moments:
  • Larry Goldberg’s 65th birthday.  Now he’s finally qualified for single payer healthcare.  Donation of $55 to Paul Harris.
  • Mark McGowan and Michael Davies Hughes- picture in paper on March 28th. For Rotarian of the Year and Early Literacy Project/RAAM.  Thank you Cindy for publicity.
  • Golf Tournament - Mark McGowan hijacked the mic for an announcement.  Need a siren for the start.  Need sponsors.  So far have CCCU, CBS, Nick Bertel.
  • Ticket drawing - Jim Anderson was drawn!  Which member is tatted up? Jim was not correct.  Correct Answer:  Rick Roberts.  He was asked to prove it.
Kristin Blair introduced our speaker Mike McGuire
Disclaimer – notes were taken on an iPad with touch keyboard by someone who frequently mixes up numbers.  Data cited may be a bit different than what was captured.  ;-)
  • Senator McGuire recognized Sheriff Billy Honsal.  (That should be fine worthy maybe?)
  • Recent history of fires in northern CA.  CCCU stepped up and didn’t charge a dime for administrative costs in fundraising efforts for local fires.  Thank you CCCU (maybe a fine for Kristin?).
  • CA pop grew by about 110k last year.
  • Democrats have forgotten rural California.  One size fits all policies do not small and rural counties.  Goal for Senator McGuire is to focus on rural areas.
  • Between 2012-2916, CA grew 17% of nation’s new jobs, no. 1 in job growth three years in a row.  Economy grew by $427bil in the first three quarters.  Will soon be 5th largest economy in the world.
  • Focus on economy and environment can work. 
  • Top challenges:
    • PERS and STRS - paid out too much. Will dig out
    • Healthcare -  Affordable Care Act needs work.  However we’ve gone from 17% uninsured in 2013 to 7.1% in 2016.  Historic low.  Cut medical related bankruptcies in half. Humboldt and Del Norte has highest rate of people using ACA in state.
    • Have to end the political party Wars.  It’s not functional.  Current federal government wants to open all coastlines to oil drilling.  Our outdoor recreational economy in CA is worth $92bil/yr and growing annually.  Can’t risk that.
    • Public schools - CA is almost the 5th largest economy in the world and we pay less per kid than Mississippi pays.  72% of public high school grads don’t go to college.  Need go tech in high school!  Investing more this year to link career training in high school to certificate and AA programs.  Need to bring BSN program back to Humboldt County.  Need deadlines!  Need to raise $6-10mil in local dollars to make this happen.  Make sure rural schools have what they need.  Got funding for school bus replacement.
    • Housing - need 180k new housing units in CA to keep up with demand.  Deficit of 1 mil units in recession.  Will push an affordable housing bond.
    • Homelessness - 114k CA residents are homeless, of those 32k are chronic homeless.  25% are veterans.  Will model program after Utah.  Each chronic homeless person costs $110k/year. Utah cut their chronic homeless issue by 40% by providing permanent housing with drug and mental health treatment.
    • Film tax credits -
    • Cut financial burden on rural residents. Eliminated fire tax fee.
    • Opioid funding - Humboldt has 5x the opioid rate than state.  (Was 90% three years ago).  Hyper focused on opioid issues.  Seeing incremental change.  Hiring full time syringe pick up coordinator.  Will bring in program to pay homeless people to pick up streets, modeled after a program in other areas.
    • Thank you to our club for donating $40k to fire victims