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Members of the Interact Club of Zoe Barnum High School, faculty members, and members of the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka gathered at the Manila dunes on Samoa beach last week for the Interact Club's tenth annual Beach Clean-up Day.  Students, faculty and Rotarians enjoyed a post-cleanup barbecue after removing debris from the beach. The Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka, meets twice each month to plan and launch projects to improve their community and their school and to enhance their leadership skills.  Eleven Interacters participated in this year’s beach project.  Over half of the students attending Zoe Barnum High School—more than forty—have participated in Interact projects this year.  Pictured, left to right:  Interact Club-Zoe Barnum High School Coordinator Michelle Mayo, Rotarian Kristin Blair, Zoe Barnum High School Vice Principal Omar Khaattab; center, back row:  Rotarian Marty Lay; far right:  Rotarian Eddie Morgan;  eleven members of the Interact Club.  Not pictured:  Rotarians Greg Hufford, Tyrone Champ, Heather Blair

President of the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Melinda Ciarabellini (left) welcomed members of the Rotary Friendship Exchange program to Friday’s club meeting.  The visitors to Rotary District 5130, which consists of of 47 Rotary clubs in communities stretching from Crescent City to Santa Rosa, are members of Rotary District 3060 which represents part of the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in Western India. The Indian Rotarians, whose visit was facilitated by Area Exchange Coordinator John Ayers, Donna Ayers and District Governor Erin Dunn, were house guests of Southwest Eureka Rotary families.  They introduced themselves and their spouses to members of Southwest Eureka Rotary and discussed the projects and culture of their home clubs and district. Their district is comprised of 96 clubs and more than 4000 Rotarians. Gujarat is the home land of Mahatma Ghandi and has “the most peaceful and friendly communities in the world” according to one visiting Rotarian. The Gujarat and Maharashtra Rotarians represent a variety of professions—construction, dentistry, pathology, chemical engineering, government administration, business—and all are or were presidents or officers of their home clubs.  They are pictured holding Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka mugs, one of several gifts presented to them during their visit.
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Global movement needed to reverse water crisis
This year's World Water Summit on 27 May in Seoul highlighted the progress being made: Over the last 25 years, more than 2.5 billion people gained access to improved drinking water, and 2 billion who didn't have adequate sanitation now do. Child deaths from water-related diseases dropped from 1.5 million to just over 600,000. The UN Millennium Development Goals' target for clean drinking water was met five years ahead of schedule. But for the 1.8 billion people whose drinking water remains contaminated and the 2.4 billion without access to proper sanitation, progress is still too slow, said...
2016 Rotary Convention Photo Gallery
Browse exclusive photos of convention highlights from Korea.
Rotary shop on new platform
As of 1 May, the Rotary shop will be available on a new platform. We may experience some downtime during the transition and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact us at or at 847-866-4600.
Rotary districts mobilize to support survivors of Ecuador, Japan quakes
After a series of three earthquakes -- two in Japan and one in Ecuador -- killed hundreds of people, injured thousands, and caused billions of dollars in damage late last week, Rotary members in those regions have created disaster relief funds to help survivors. In Ecuador, the powerful 7.8-magnitude quake that struck Saturday night has killed more than 400 people, with 2,500 injured. Those figures are expected to rise. Rotary District 4400 established a service fund to raise money for relief efforts. Contact District Governor Manuel A. Nieto Jijon for information on how to donate. In Japan,...
Get live updates from the Council on Legislation
Get live updates and vote totals from the Council on Legislation on beginning on 11 April. Representatives from Rotary clubs worldwide will gather in Chicago 10-15 April to consider changes to the policies that guide Rotary International and its member clubs.  Many of this year’s proposed changes are designed to increase membership by giving clubs greater flexibility in the timing and the nature of their meetings. Other proposals would amend membership requirements.